Welcoming Baby with Style – Today’s look…CHIC!

Looking to plan a baby shower that is out of the box or shall we say, a bit more modernized?   Then you have come to the perfect place!  In the process of planning a baby shower, we have found that they have certain stigmas that elude the essence of your typical baby shower staples: pacifiers, rattlers and mysterious diaper games!  This does not always have to be the case, especially with the clients that we have been working with recently.  We (Occasio) have been lucky enough to have been given many opportunities to engage with this concept of executing a baby shower and coming up with the latest and freshest ideas of throwing a modern day baby soiree. This week, we will be focusing on a few baby shower themes that we have done in the past.

Here is our first example of how we have created the look of the not so typical looking baby shower.  Très chic!

CHIC Baby Shower

Celebrating Mother Earth…Paperless!

In honor of Earth day, which was this past Monday, 4/22/13 we wanted to take this time to tell you all about a great site that we have been using for some of our events – Paperless Post.  This site/company truly coincides with the whole concept of taking care of Mother Earth.  Paperless Post is a great site in which you can modernize the tradition of correspondence and create an invite online that exudes everything about you or the type of event that you are hosting!  The options are endless.  You start by first choosing the the type of invite, the design, colors, patterns, envelopes, etc. You even have the option of customizing your own stamp.  It is just as fun and interactive as it would be if you were choosing an invitation at a stationary store.   Being a recipient of this type of invitation is equally impressive.  As you are instructed to open the invite online, you are given the ultimate 3D online experience of opening an invite.  We (Occasio) value and know the importance of an impressionable invite, as this is the “key”/first impression to your event.  You are going to have to see it for yourself!  Check out some of the Paperless Post pictures below and do your part in keeping the Earth clean!

What’s your Paper Expression?

My favorite detail to an event is the menu card.  I once read that someone found their grandmothers old purse that she had with her while she was on the Titanic.  Inside the purse she found her room key and the menu card with the Titanic inscripted on it.  I now always have the date and place on a menu card.  You never know who will find your menu card. – APS

As we style each event we keep the menu card always in mind.  Katie & Co. are our go to team to create what you now see.  They know paper and it is their passion.

Menu Inspiration: Texture, Texture, Texture!

Menu Inspiration: Logo/Monogram

Menu Inspiration: Theme

Menu Inspiration: Patterns

Pictures by: J. Cogliandro Photography , Holly Hoyt Photography, Jose Pablo Martinez, Paul Ladd

Branding Events

Branding, branding, branding!  What better way to show off your “new look” as a married couple or business, then to brand your event with a custom designed logo and/or look and feel.  The ‘brand’ can come from a simple color palette or design that can be incorporated into the invite and can be carried throughout the elements of the event. We (Occasio) have had great success with branding our events; it makes the experience that more personal.  Here is a recent wedding at Hotel Zaza-Houston that we did for Katherine & Ryne Poncik.  As you will see, the couple’s logo was carried out in different parts of the wedding extravaganza from start to finish.

Photography taken by: J.Cogliandro

Occasio Weddings “by style”

A great part about what we do is being able to work with a wide range of clientele with whom have different styles and characteristics.  We (Occasio) pride ourselves on first and foremost, getting to know our clients for who they are and identifying/understanding their wants and needs for their special day.  In doing so and with due time, we have collected a diverse portfolio that speaks for itself.  What is your style?

Here are a few photos to help you decide-


Photography: D. Jones, Laurie De Leon, Photographers Skeen


Photography: Joseph West Photography



Photography: Jose Pablo Martinez



Photography: J Cogliandro Photography


Photography: J Cogliandro Photography


Photography: Paul Ladd

Austin Scarlett’s Violet Hour in Houston

“The Enchanting” wedding dress collection of Austin Scarlett arrived to Mia Bridal Couture in Style.  The Ladies of Mia Bridal couture opened their doors to Houston’s go to’s to show off  Scarlet’s Attelier.  Scarlett’s inspiration came from “The clouds of … Continue reading