Dia De Los Muertos Comes alive at the Big Red Sun


We recently got back from celebrating Dia De Los Muertos with Orci Adveritising. Each year we aim to create a different celebration for Orci and this year we had it at the Big Red Sun in Venice, California. This has probably been one of our favorite venues to work in yet. Rose Ave in Venice has an apparent heart beat to the California coast living and Big Red Sun created a backdrop for the perfect modern secret garden. The Austinite, owner, Selena Saunders named the venue after her friend and mentor, Lucinda Williams and her song “Big Red Sun Blues.”

For this Mexican Inspired Celebration we hung a handmade piñata of a sugar skull and a lighted up pathway of die cut luminarios.  A few of the fun details we did were a tequila bar that allowed guest to choose the type of tequila they would like either on the rocks or straight up.  Paired with paper skull straws and paper bandititas.   Pineapple with Cucumber and Chia, Horchata, and Jamaica aguas frescas were served in mason jars and homemade paper flowers along with Mexican cokes, beers, and Spanish Wine.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine was brought in for the occasion.  Enchiladas with chicken served with traditional Puebla Mole, Chiles Rellenos, Assorted Tacos, Rice, Beans, an several sauces.   For dessert we had a wheelbarrow with Mexican delicatessen along with fruit on a stick and cup that guest we garnish with lime and chili.

Here are a few pics!

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