Celebrating Mother Earth…Paperless!

In honor of Earth day, which was this past Monday, 4/22/13 we wanted to take this time to tell you all about a great site that we have been using for some of our events – Paperless Post.  This site/company truly coincides with the whole concept of taking care of Mother Earth.  Paperless Post is a great site in which you can modernize the tradition of correspondence and create an invite online that exudes everything about you or the type of event that you are hosting!  The options are endless.  You start by first choosing the the type of invite, the design, colors, patterns, envelopes, etc. You even have the option of customizing your own stamp.  It is just as fun and interactive as it would be if you were choosing an invitation at a stationary store.   Being a recipient of this type of invitation is equally impressive.  As you are instructed to open the invite online, you are given the ultimate 3D online experience of opening an invite.  We (Occasio) value and know the importance of an impressionable invite, as this is the “key”/first impression to your event.  You are going to have to see it for yourself!  Check out some of the Paperless Post pictures below and do your part in keeping the Earth clean!