Nacho’s Forty-Tenth Birthday

Mr. Torras “Nacho” a gentleman from Spain, also a past grooms father, wanted nothing more but to share his love for food and wine with his closest friends for his Forty-Tenth Birthday.  He brought his favorite Chef, Luis Roger, from Spain to wine and dine guest.  Chef Luis Roger, studied under the celebrated Ferran Adria at elBulli and spent his tenure at Mas Anglada Winery and Resort.

nacho torras

Nacho also announced that his love for food and wine had led him to open a fine dining restaurant in Houston, BCN, that is scheduled to open in September.

Nacho wanted a handsome late lunch that reflected the Spanish countryside.  The private event was held in his home under a striking white tent.  Blooming Gallery brought in over 12,000 orange tulips to fill this handsome space.   Wooden chairs and wooden chargers adorned with a sprig of rosemary from the houses garden finished off this stylish look.

He dazzled guest with the taste and traditions of Spain such as:  Arroz Caldoso del Mar (The Fisherman’s Lobster), Arroz de la Huerta (Arichokes, Apsaragus, Green Peas, Mixed Bell Peppers, Porcini Mushrooms), Boquetes en vinagre emollido (Green Olive  / Anchovy / Tomato and Black Olive Tapenade) Calamari a la Andaluza (Adaluza Style Calamari), Montadito de Anchovies (Queso fresco / Cantabrico Anchovy /Cherry Tomato. Basil), Montadito de Tortilla de Patatas (Tortilla de Patatas / Tomato Paste), Tapa de Guisote de Patatas con cebolla y rape (Caramelized Onion and Potatoes / Braised Monkfish), Mackrel de Escabeche (Pickled Mackerel in Vinegar) and Huevo de cordoniz con espuma de patata y trufa (Quail Poached Egg / Potato Foam / Black Truffle .

Bussels of lavender, rosemary, and lemons decked the Cheese Table featuring Spanish Cheeses along with a candy table that provided guest with Nacho’s favorite Spanish Candies.    Guest enjoyed cognacs, cappuccinos, coffee, and cigars into wee hours of the evening.  All guest were given an apron with the door of BCN on it as their favor.