Mary and Sam

 Mary Tolentino and Sam Caban embody the class and appeal of the sizzling 20’s. The collection of romance, silhouette and beauty that Michelle Able Photography captured for their wedding is breathtaking!

Brenner’s on the Bayou provided a small gazebo that was perfect for a small intimate wedding. A cobble stone path lined with lanterns leading up to the gazebo. Beautiful flowers and greenery from Blooming Gallery framed the gazebo. At the end of the ceremony flower petals were thrown as Mary and Sam left for the reception in a white Rolls Royce.

Blooming Gallery was able to mix the glitz and garden look that Mary wanted! Guest were treated to dinner and dancing at Hotel Granduca and Delishes chocolates for Araya Artesian Choclates.  Myrla Vanegas did a wonderful job putting together this wedding in three weeks!


Mary’s mom gave her a secondary dress that she changed into for the reception that stole Sam’s heart away.  Their guest danced the evening away to Salvadorian and Puerto Rican favorites.

Engagment Pictures 101- Michelle Able Photography

While working at an event sometime back, we were asked by the photographer if we wanted a photo taken of our team.  We of course obliged and were quickly running around to get in place. While we were all (females) figuring out our positions and battling for the side that made us all look oh so good, we were given instructions by the photographer to lean forward.  Lean forward??  I thought in my head, why would he ask us to do that?  Later, I learned that this was in fact a common tip that photographers use to make a person look leaner!  How great is that?  After hearing about this little tid bit, guess who has been leaning forward for every picture that I have taken since?  🙂

Since learning about that one piece of advice, I thought that it was important to educate myself on the other tips that great photographers have to offer.  Part of what we do in putting on events, is also, capturing the moment.  Knowing about these tips and being able to educate our clients on this is very important to us.  While speaking with Michelle Able from Michelle Able Photography, she was able to share with us some of her top 10 tips on how to have a successful engagement shoot. With her expert advice, we were quickly well informed and wanted to share with you all what she had to say.

Check out Michelle’s Top tips on How to Have a Successful Engagement Session-